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Saturday, August 18, 2007.  



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All publications and videos can be purchased by faxing in the order form to (202)955-1087. You may also e-mail your request to publications @welfaretowork.org or call 1-888-USA-JOBS1 to place an order. Shipping costs are not included and all payments must be received prior to delivery. All sales are final (no refunds).


Build Your Own Welfare to Work Human Resource Library!

The Welfare to Work Human Resource Library acts as a compact human resource department for your business and is a valuable tool for human resource professionals. If you are a small or large business, these easy-to-use guides places recruiting, hiring and retention techniques at your fingertips. Access these resources today!


Free and Available on the Web Site

Federal Tax Credits
"Show Me the Money: Receive Federal Tax Credits in Five Simple Steps" details two federal income tax credits -- the Work Opportunity Tax Credit and the Welfare to Work Tax Credit.


The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse Series

This free series of publications will help employers successfully recruit, retain and advance those who are recovering from a addiction and substance abuse.  It is funded through The Partnership and the U.S. Department of Labor.

Smart Solutions
Sponsored by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Smart Solutions is a series of informational guides focusing on proven solutions to various challenges faced by employers hiring former welfare recipients. 


Wirthlin Worldwide Surveys
In order to track the progress and trends of welfare to work within the business community, Wirthlin Worldwide, a national polling firm, conducts regular surveys of The Partnership's Business Partners. Learn about the welfare to work trends of the business community.


Order the Following Partnership Publications and Videos Today:

The Road to Retention II

The Partnership's newly updated version of The Road to Retention, expands to include 26 companies and their experiences on how they used welfare to work to improve their bottom line. It highlights the importance of federal programs, such as food stamps, healthcare and housing, for low-income workers as well as the importance of community and government partnerships. Click here to order. ($7.95)

Blueprint for Business
A step-by-step guide for hiring and retaining former welfare recipients, the Blueprint for Business contains information on how to find workers, utilize service providers and how to access tax credits and other incentives for hiring former recipients. The Blueprint for Business also offers case studies of successful welfare to work programs at companies of all sizes. Businesses across the country describe it as "a crucial tool towards making welfare to work a success." Click here to order. ($6.95)

The Community Blueprint

This manual is based on the best practices of several communities across the country. The Community Blueprint profiles describes the building blocks that are needed to help local communities create effective welfare to work programs. Click here to order. ($9.95)

The Road to Work

Transportation continues to be one of the biggest challenges of welfare to work. The Road to Work is a how-to manual that helps companies design customized solutions to meet their specific transportation challenges. Click here to order your free copy or download here.

One America Leadership Video
Help break down stereotypes and educate your team on some of America's most successful welfare to work programs. In a town hall meeting we hear from former President Bill Clinton, several CEOs' from leading American companies and former welfare recipients who have made the transition from welfare to work. Click here to order. ($49.95; 2 hrs.)

Faces of Welfare Reform

Motivate your staff through the personal stories of four former welfare recipients who changed their lives and the lives of their children by choosing a paycheck over a welfare check. Employees from Salomon Smith Barney, Cessna, Sears and Children of the Rainbow Day-Care Center are represented. Click here to order. ($29.95; 15 min.)

Three-Minute One America Compilation Video
A fast-paced, wrap-up of the people and lessons learned that relay the spirit of The Welfare to Work Partnership's One America Conference, held in August, 1999. Click here to order. ($9.95; 3 min.)